quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

Workshop no Congresso da Madeira

Terá lugar dia 12 de Setembro no congresso Internacional de Medicina Legal, um workshop sobre crimes sexuais, nova abordagem pelo enfermeiro forense, com a presença da Virgina Lynch. Forensic Nursing Science: New Strategies in Sexual Assault Case Management Chairs: A. Gomes, V. Lynch and J. Ferrell Program Description: This workshop will address the development of Forensic Nursing Science and the major impact of this discipline on the medicolegal case management of crime victims as well as those accused of criminal violence. One of the most complex cases admitted to the hospital emergency department (ED) is that of the patient who reports sexual assault. Despite the number of such patients treated, many EDs do not have a forensic examiner on staff to oversee proper attention to the legal implications and meticulous recover of biological evidence upon admission. One solution has been the addition of the forensic nurse examiner (FNE), a highly skilled forensic clinician who is certified in the analysis and examination of adult and/or pediatric, male or female, living or deceased sexual assault patient. The presence of the FNE on each shift eliminates an unnecessary delay in response to initiate the examination. This system has proven to enhance the quality of medical evidence and to increase successful prosecution. The FNE maintains a professional partnership with the forensic physician known as a forensic medical examiner (FME) in many countries, or the emergency physician in the USA and the forensic pathologist. The primary FNE responsibilities will be identified and state-of-the-art methods will be demonstrated. Educational Objectives: At the end of this workshop attendees will (1.) understand the concept of forensic nursing science and evaluate the benefits of the forensic nurse examiner (FNE) and, (2.) appreciate the efficacy of collaborative relationships between the various professional disciplines to resolve issues associated with sexual assault and other clinical forensic cases.